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Inside & Outside dining

We take your safety seriously.



Our hidden winter garden got a complete takeover.  You will sit in a dry and heated outside area, where you can escape the madness of daily life as you will feel thrown back in our authentic set up of a British Pub. In Summer we have installed a large awing to cover you from the heat and then before winter, the company Uran Umbrella installed a high roof to ensures a maximum airflow so that space will maintain germ-free clean air.

View it here!


We added a seating area for you at the front of Jones Wood Foundry.

Also, this sidewalk terrace has been covered with a very high canopy by Urban Umbrella
and heaters have been installed to keep you warm & cozy.

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Our dining area is safe and still cozy.

We installed an Air Filtration and Ventilation systems to keep the air clean and the virus away.

As well have we added glass separations between the tables.

Disinfection dispensers are available around the location.

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Safety Guidelines for dining at JWF

“Our passion is to serve you and be your host.
 My goal is that you feel safe and comfortable at Jones Wood Foundry and have a bloody good dining experience”
J. Hicks owner 

It’s a different dining experience, but together we can keep NY restaurants open. 

Hygienic measures 

The location:

We're back for dine-in at a 25% capacity.

Our HIDDEN WINTER GARDEN & FRONT TERRACE are open for you as well.

All areas are sanitized in accordance to the NY State Health Department guidelines and on a regimented and consistent schedule along with daily deep cleans of all equipment, furniture and surfaces. All tables, chairs and menus are cleaned and disinfected between each seating. 

In order to ensure the health and safety of staff and guests there will be no available seating at the bar. 

Ventilation: We have invested in an Air Filtration and Ventilation systems to keep the air clean and the virus away. 

Air flow: Our hidden garden has now been turned into a covered Winter Garden. The sidewalk terrace has also been covered with a very high canopy.

The high canopy in both areas is to ensure maximum air flow so that the space will maintain germ free clean air.

For your comfort both the winter garden and the front terrace are heated, so that you may enjoy your meal in a cozy, comfortable and safe environment at Jones Wood Foundry.

For you:
Upon arriving, your temperature will be taken, anyone with a temperature greater than 99.9F will not be allowed to enter the venue. 

At the entrance we ask that 1 person of your party scans the QR code (big sign at the entrance) to provide contact information for contact tracing purposes.

a person wearing a hat

Please wear a mask that covers both the mouth and nose. 

The mask must be worn when entering and exiting our location as well as when you are heading to the “loo”. You will not need to wear a face covering when you are seated at your table.

Have you seen our T-Shirts?

Make sure that whilst waiting for your table that social distancing protocol is practiced. Please be patient and allow guests to FIRST leave the building and a little more time than normal for our team to sanitize your table. Make use of the hand sanitizing station placed throughout the venue for both guests and staff to use as much as needed. 

We have our physical menus, but if you feel more comfortable, we also offer no-touch, online menus. QR code available to scan with your phone at each table. 

When you are ready to leave please let your server know so that we can monitor and control the flow of guests arriving and leaving. 

For Us:
We are providing our team with appropriate masks (PPE) that are worn at all times by covering both the mouth and nose. Gloves have become already like a second skin and are changed regularly. Our employees have their temperatures taken upon arrival of their shift.