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The Building

Built during the last quarter of the 19th century, likely between 1875 and 1885, the building now housing Jones Wood Foundry reflects what was common architectural practice for the area at the time--the ground floor and basement were designed for commercial activity, while the upper floors were residential. 

The commercial floors of 401 East 76th were devoted to a hardware and plumbing supply business operated by a member of the Eberhart family, which owns the building to this day.

As an adjunct to that business, a foundry was located on the premises to address the growing city's cast iron needs, such as decorative railings, staircases, doors, building fronts, weathervanes, lampposts, boot scrapers, and manhole and coal chute covers.  

The production of manhole covers displaying intricate hand-forged artistry was the specialty of the Eberharts' foundry. Jones Wood Foundry's logo is one of the actual manhole covers produced in the original foundry.