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The Cask Zombie Log – Episode 1

Due to unforeseen events around Whispering Pines, the Cask Whisperer is suffering from a lack of humor, which may unfortunately extend over a period of several weeks.

So instead, this week we introduce the Cask Zombie, who is a man of few words and fewer grins …

… he takes lousy pictures too.

We have good news and bad news:

  • The bad news is that the Cask Zombie will only be posting a log of dates, locations and beers, together with some awful photos.
  • The good news is that the Cask Zombie will be updating the log in (un)real time, so that you, dear reader, can follow along (stalk?) should you so desire.

So, without further ado, handing it over to the Cask Zombie…

Thursday, June 13th

Location: The Hoptimist, NYC UWS

Event/Occasion: Strong Rope Tap Takeover/Pride Month

Cask: Strong Rope Aurora Belgian-inspired Blond Ale

Friday, June 14th

Location: Jones Wood Foundry

Event/Occasion: Euro 24 – Germany vs Scotland

Cask: Seneca Lake Brewing Baker Street Bitter

Cask: Dutchess Ales Arcadia Spring Ale

Sunday, June 16th

Location: Jones Wood Foundry

Event/Occasion: Euro 24 – England vs Serbia

Cask: Old Glenham Winders ESB

Cask: Dutchess Ales Arcadia Spring Ale

Upcoming Dates/Possible Cask Zombie Sightings

Wednesday, June 19th – Fifth Hammer Brewing

Thursday, June 20th – Jones Wood Foundry

Sunday, June 23rd – The Ambleside Pub

Watch this space for timely updates …

Scorecard w/e 06/18/24

In the past week, The Cask Whisperer has enjoyed the following casks:

Upcoming Cask Events (Festivals and Otherwise)

6/24/2024: Cask Ale Tasting/Meet the Brewer @ The Ambleside Pub, Mount Kisco NY

9/7/2024: Noah Webster House Real Ale Harvest Festival, West Hartford CT

11/8/2024: Two Roads Cask Fest at Area 2, Stratford CT

11/9/2024: 20th Annual Blue Point Cask Ale Festival, Patchogue NY

Upcoming Random NYC Casks

6/23/2024: Strong Rope Tippler Summer Ale at Covenhoven NYC for a going-away party for Josh Bernstein (12pm to 6pm-ish).

NYC Cask Venues

Known Operational/Active Beer Engines

  • Jones Wood Foundry (x2)
  • Fifth Hammer
  • Wild East
  • The Shakespeare (x3)
  • Cask Bar & Kitchen
  • Drop-off Service

Occasional Pins (worth a follow on Instagram)

  • Strong Rope
  • KCBC
  • Tørst
  • Blind Tiger Ale House
  • Threes Brewing
  • Brouwerij Lane

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  1. John

    One more cask option for this weekend: We’re putting a cask of our Tippler Summer Ale on the bar at Covenhoven this Sunday June 23rd for Josh Bernstein’s going away party.

    1. Nigel Walsh

      Cheers John, I will update the snapshot.

      Do you have a tapping time for this event?

      1. John

        The event runs from 12-6 so I imagine they’ll tap it at opening.

        1. Nigel Walsh

          Got it!

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