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“Arcadia” Spring Ale 

Brewed with floor malted US and UK malts, oats, wheat & dry hopped with fresh Sultana & Falconer’s Flight

5.2% ABV   |   $12
by Dutchess Ales

Winders ESB

Made With Marris Otter and Crystal Barley

5.5% ABV   |   $12
by Old Glenham Brewery


Loom Cornish Ale

Made with Marris Otter, Munich and Crystal Barley

4.8% ABV   |   $12
by Old Glenham Brewery


Happy Anniversary to Me

Although you may be unfortunate enough to experience a Cask Whisperer sighting, it is a bit like Bigfoot only with more hair; run before it chews your ears off!

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Up for the Cup

I walked over to the railings looking out onto Hell Gate, pumped my fist into the air, and yelled out “Bowen!” before returning to my bench with a sheepish grin on my face.

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Breaking News! Random Casks Seen About Town!

Not the prettiest beer that I have ever had, which was to be expected after spending a night under a table in the back of the bar (the beer, not me), but it was dang tasty; some perfumed hoppiness up front, malt in the middle and a residual bitterness that lures you back for another one.

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Saison Day … Sort Of

Well, I managed to follow the route exactly as envisioned, but some of the timings were a bit off, and that is the joy of the under-planned open-ended weekend crawl.

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Taking the P*ss (Zwanze) and Paying Respects

It was going to be over three hours before the celebration beer was to be poured and celebrated, so I sauntered over to an open patch of wall near the back end of the bar area, leaned against it, pulled my belly in so as not to block the folks coming and going from the garden and the khazi, and wondered how I was going to pace myself for the duration.

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Full English

You can only eat baked beans and fish finger sandwiches for several days in a row before the urge to get something more substantial becomes overwhelming.

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I just worked my way through my checklist in no particular order, just trying to maximize my steps by alternating between “pub” and “bar”, and watching under my feet to make sure that I didn’t trip over the pub dog Chewie …

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An Afternoon of Casks (Take 3)

The beers were almost exclusively old-world styles, German, Czech, British and Belgian, with just a single native American style (a New England IPA) and a barrel-aged Imperial Stout in the mix.

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More Favorite Things – Stouts

… one of the closest Irish bars to my apartment in Woodside was the legendary Liffey Bar (aka Liffey Tavern) in Jackson Heights, which happened to serve the very best Guinness in NYC; don’t just take my word for it. Long gone unfortunately, swallowed by the bus station …

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Caskalot! A Potted History

I also really enjoyed the Noble in Reason from Endless Life once we had established that it was actually a pub ale and not an anemic yet yeasty dark mild named Mildly Existential.

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