Curried Chicken & Potato Pie

With Mashed Potatoes
Large pie: 4+ servings

Pickup – Tuesday to Saturday


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White and dark meat slowly braised in a southern Indian style curry.
Tomato, ginger, garlic and tamarind, lined with suet pastry dough and topped with ruff puff pastry.

This pie comes uncooked in a tin. Ready-to-bake, this is an easy & quick option to serve your family a freshly prepared and healthy dinner.

The Curried Chicken & Potato Pie serves 4 people generously and come with an extra side of Mashed Potatoes .


* store in the refrigerator


Pickup, Delivery or Shipping

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As prepared freshly, the pie must be ordered
2 days in advance.

at 401 East 76 Street (between 2:00pm-6:00pm)

Delivery and Shipping
isn’t available yet for THE FOUNDRY PIES

Reheating Instructions Pie

If you receive your pie frozen or did freeze the pie yourself for the best results allow it to defrost in its original packaging for 24 hours.

For fresh and defrosted pies.

• Preheat your oven to 370 °F

• Remove your pie from the box and place in the center of  a lined baking sheet.

• Pies topped with mashed potatoes: skip this step
  Puff pastry pie: Using a pastry brush lightly brush your pie with egg yolk, being
  careful the yolk is brushed on evenly without leaving any pools of yolk.
   Sprinkle the top of your pie with the Maldon salt and oven dried rosemary & thyme provided.

• Place your pie into the oven for approximately 40-50 minutes,
   time will vary depending on your oven.
   Don’t be scared to give your pie a little extra time to achieve a deep darkish brown color.

• As your pie is approaching the end of its cooking time, reheat your mashed  potatoes in the microwave.
  If reheating in the original container, please don’t forget to loosen the lid first. 

  If your pie is topped with mashed potatoes there will not be any additional mash.



PLEASE be careful as filling will be extremely hot

* store in the refrigerator


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